Womens Wellbeing Course

Our Women's Wellbeing Course consists of two transformative Experiences... Sacred Dance and She Yoga...


| She-Yoga |

She-Yoga caters for the pivotal stages in a women’s cyclic life... Yoga specific for menstruation, pregnancy, post-pregnancy, peri-menopause and menopause. It weaves a blend of feminine adaptability and fluidity to every practice... She-Yoga embraces women of all life stages, abilities and can be modified for most health conditions. 

You don’t need to be an experienced yogini to appreciate aquawellbeing’s She-Yoga and benefit from the weekly transformations. Experience yoga in a supportive environment that is modified to meet your needs. A beautiful blend of flowing Purna-Yoga to achieve Mind Body strength and Yin-Yoga to gently release mind body congestions.

| Sacred Dance |

Mindfulness is a skill requiring regular practice. and dance is a means to reconnect and re-wire ourselves.When in full dance, the barriers between mind and body seem to vanish and we find a connection back to our creative authentic selves. You don’t need to be an experienced dancer to receive the  benefits from our Sacred therapeutic Dance for women. 

Creatively explore mindfulness techniques through somatic based approaches to dance, breath,  and creative guided imagery to dissolve conscious, and unconscious stress. Improve your mental health balance, minimise fatigue, reduce anxiety, and feel connected.

*Bring your own journal and pen.


| Full-Cycle Fee |$130

10 sessions| 5weeks |tuesdays |6:20pm-7:10pm & 7:15-8:15pm|

Save money and book in for the full Women's Wellbeing Course... Experience both the She-Yoga and Mindful Sacred Dance every Tuesday for Five Weeks

| Half-Cycle Fee |$75

5 sessions| 5 weeks | tuesdays  |6:20Pm-7:10 Pm OR 7:15-8:15pm|

Participate in the course for 5 weeks choosing to attend either the Sacred Dance at 6:20pm or our She Yoga at 7:15pm on Tuesdays.

| Casual Entry |$20

   one session | one tuesday    |6:20pm-7:10pm OR 7:15PM-8:15pm|

The Casual Pass entitles you to attend one lesson, any time you need to either Sacred Dance or  She-Yoga.

*Valid for only one session