Our Water Philosophy


Water is a place between form and formlessness...                 When we move through it we sense our mass and at the same time feel transparent within it...

Water itself has been used as a powerful ancient healing medium and symbolises purity, clarity, calmness and also our essence. By blending the element of water with wellbeing concepts we begin to increase the awareness of our own energy, beginning with the sensation of water against our own body, we can recognise muscular tension and enhance our wellbeing states. 

With this deepened awareness we are more able to accurately read our own energy and the energy of others around us. This knowledge helps us to shift our habitual ways of seeing and responding in the world. 

We need water to exist. We are formed in water in the womb; we are affected by lunar cycles and are composed mainly of water. Water also embraces the element of flow; in which we all meet the challenges that ask us if we can simply be and go with the flow of each coming transition.             

We can resist through water with great power and effort or we can let go and be supported, feeling  weightlessness and freedom. Water exercise improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, relieves muscular pain, improves vital oxygen and can greatly assist improving ones balance, core postural strength and coordination.

Whats more, it can release muscular tension and enhance the relaxation response to assist us to be more aware of our individual health needs.