IEP for Pregnancy (Land & Water Based)


Integrated Exercise Programming (IEP) for Pregnancy will leave you confident in knowing how to apply some essential INTEGRATED exercise and health needs for your pregnant Clients and deliver appropriate healthy safe options within your scope of practice.

The exercise professional of today acknowledges that both physical and mental health go hand in hand when supporting Clients through movement programs. Pregnant participants now are often 30+ and prefer to continue their regular exercise by integrating land and water based activities. This requires a vital fundamental knowledge and skill based background on behalf of the Exercise Professional to be able to confidently pre-screen, plan for safe appropriate exercise delivery and offer support. Mental health and physical health are interdependent, and now a good 10% of pregnant women also experience mental health issues.

Learning outcomes

On this holistic educational clinic learn:

  • Physiological changes in pregnancy.
  • Current National pre-screening guidelines for pregnancy.
  • Mental health stats, profiles,symptoms and appropriate referral options during pregnancy as a Yoga and Aquatic Exercise Professional.
  • Common conditions during pregnancy and how to acomodate  for these in both Water and Yoga sessions.
  • Exercise guidelines for both Yoga based and aquatic based activities to support your Client and protect you as a Special Population Practitioner.
  • Experience water immersion ideas for optimum cardiovascular benefits, relaxation and a taster of Yoga based  exercise plus restorative asanas.


Candidates may enter for their own skills and knowledge development.However please note to instruct these sessions post the course, one must hold a minimum certificate IV in Special Populations covering pregnancy and a Yoga Practitioner certification for a minimum of 3 years. is not held responsible for Practitioners qualifications nor application actions post this mini informative clinic.We encourage Practitioners to keep only within their scope of practice and refer appropriately to allied health professionals at all times.

Please refer to our National Scope of Practice for more information

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Cancellation Policy:

  • Notice given in writing 16 days prior to course commencement = full refund available.
  • Notice given in writing 8 days prior to course commencement = 50% refund available.
  • Notice given in writing 3 days or less prior to course commencement = no refund available.*

*Candidate may apply in writing within 3 days prior to the course to either;

  • Transfer to another IEP course within 6 months.
  • Or transfer this course to another candidate.