Experience either a one time session for your group or progressive wellbeing program run over 10 sessions.

Who is this for?

Suitable for most populations and optimum for those with chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, respiratory issues, cardiovascular disease, physical pain, musculoskeletal injury or pregnancy.

what is aquabalance

Aquabalance™ is an empowering somatic water exercise experience that has been inspired from a broad range of traditional Holistic movement forms creatively adapted to the water environment. Flowing effortless Movements are synchronised with breath work and performed to soothing music in a warm water environment. This is followed by flotation or visualisation exercises to increase self-health awareness.

Aquabalance™ created in 1994, and Accredited since 1997 has *FIVE key forms that are all process orientated and repeated every 10-12 weeks.

Hydro Chi, Core (water Pilates), Dance, Union (water yoga) and Flow (effortless flowing sequential movements) incorporating the progression skills learnt in the previous 4 forms. Each form has its specialised breathing method focus to encourage mindfulness in motion with the aim of reducing stress, fatigue, pain and enhancing mental health, focus, sleep plus kinaesthetic awareness.

Book your group now for a unique wellbeing experience with benefits that last long after each session.

Cost :

$25 per person for a one time session.(Minimum of 10 persons)

$18 per person for a 10 week session (Minimum of 10 persons)

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