About this course

DWE (Deep Water Essentials) is an excellent training environment for all exercise enthusiasts; from those recovering from musculoskeletal injuries, casual exercisers, right up to the elite fit.

DWE training limits the risk of overuse injuries/stress fractures, muscle soreness and psychologically provides an opportunity for exercise where core stability and the cardiovascular system can be ultimately challenged. DWE is a positive workout experience & predictably will be the supreme futuristic exercise preparing us for outer space!


On this educational clinic you will cover both theoretical science behind DWE as well as experiencing 2 different prescriptive stimulating workout sessions. Review the hydrodynamic principles applicable to deep water immersion. Learn how to instruct your deep water participants effectively by modifying their working positions, workout levels and knowing when to provide options.

Review how to design deep water running/sprint progressions and instruct technical performance professionally. Coordinate Interval training concepts adapted to deep water training by leading Candidates through Deep water advanced overload training ideas.

Candidates will also review key safety considerations for delivering and designing a variety of deep water immersion sessions. Learn fundamentals often not covered, such as how to apply float belts for different body compositions and special populations. Be motivated as you walk away confident knowing how to create a stimulating high performance deep water exercise sessions for Clientele.

This educational clinic has passed Australian National required standard reviews successfully since 2012.

For those requiring Continuing education credits E:


Cancellation Policy:

  • Notice given in writing 16 days prior to course commencement = full refund available.
  • Notice given in writing 8 days prior to course commencement = 50% refund available.
  • Notice given in writing 3 days or less prior to course commencement = no refund available.*

*Candidate may apply in writing within 3 days prior to the course to either;

  • Transfer to another DWE course within 6 months.
  • Or transfer this course to another candidate.