Above: 'Tanja Luck of aquawellbeing'

Above: 'Tanja Luck of aquawellbeing'

the founder, tanja luck...

Tanja trained at both Edith Cowan University and the Advanced College of Education in Nedlands W.A undertaking a B.A in Language studies and a B.A in Science. These two studies combined introduced her to having the opportunity to work with incredibly diverse population groups throughout W.A, overseas in Europe and in North America.
The aquawellbeing seed had its unknown beginnings overseas in Europe and in North America where she was introduced to Health and Wellbeing concepts as she was employed within Health Spa Resorts, Private residences and Aquatic Centres.


Thus began the journey of sharing her passion for creative movement programs, water exercise and Holistic therapy. After completing her exercise certifications with both the American A.F.F.A, Australian W.A.F.A.C she was destined to create and realise an unfulfilled need in the Aquatic Health and Fitness Industry. It was in 1994 she began to develop wellbeing programs and in 1997 she launched the unique mind-body water exercise therapy program, AQUABALANCE; which was way ahead of its Industry trend at the time... This was the ripe beginning of realising the link between the powerful combination of water therapy, ancient dance movements and wellbeing for her many Clients.

Always drawn to ancient  Holistic teachings and their foundation in energy science, she began a combination of self-education and learning from Masters in their fields about the philosophies of pre-existing ancient and modern disciplines; exploring Qi gong, Tao Tai Chi, ancient dance forms, meditation, Yoga, Feldenkrais and Pilates. After completing her Advanced certificates in Pranic Psychotherapy and Sacred Alchemy, studying with the renown Master Choa Kok Sui, she was invited to coordinate and lecture training workshops in energy medicine. These endeavours lead to positive transformations of her Clients which only encouraged her to further improve her knowledge and skill to study various movement disciplines and qualify in Body Work specialisations.

During this time she was also invited to research and author the Cert 4 Course in Health and Fitness specialising in Water Exercise, in which she was employed to lecture in four of the State Training Organisations at the time. Tanja was also invited to form part of the West Australian Fitness Body Management Committee; assisting with strategic planning and consulting on Water Exercise Industry Standards. She served 7 years on the Board and coordinated the first State Personal Trainers Fitness Conference; in which Specialists were united to share their Industry knowledge.

This linked Physiotherapists, Nutritionists, Business and Sports Science specialists with Practitioners and Fitness Businesses. Since she has been invited to provide input for the Australian National Fitness Body, Fitness Australia, as a recognised Specialist in the Field of Water Exercise and MindBody Programs. In 2003, 2005 and 2007 she was nominated as a 'Fitness Leader of the Year Finalist' and key contributor to her Industry at the DSR Industry Awards.

The many water and wellbeing programs that were since created certainly continue to evolve with ongoing research, and with the valuable input of collaborating with specialists in their fields such as physiotherapists, Qi Gong Masters, Energy Medicine Practitioners, Feldenkrais Practitioners, Womens Community health Specialists, Dancers, Nutritionists, Artists and Clinical Pilates Leaders.