Aquawellbeing's Aquanatal session blends specialised prescriptive exercises and pregnancy wellbeing discussion topics in a private environment.

Complete each session with mindful based relaxation techniques and gravity free flotation options. Leave feeling energised yet deeply relaxed for a good nights rest.


  • Baby and mother can receive more O2 whilst working out in the water.

  • Water exercise can reduce pain and muscle spasticity often experienced with the physiological changes in pregnancy.

  • Heart rate is reduced in the water but not workout intensity, so women can work at a moderate pace without foetal or physical stress.

  • Range of motion can be increased in the water, particularly important for the postural changes associated with with the breast size increase and sometimes leading to kyphosis.

  • Blood pressure can be significantly reduced, which can be beneficial for hypertensive individuals.

  • Body image issues associated with weight gain in pregnancy can be positively minimised.

  • Water exercise sessions are a time for sharing the emotional experiences and specific topics associated with pregnancy.

  • Joint stress is minimised as a mother to be exercises in the water with often an increase in weight gain.

  • Exercise in water reduces Oedema and redistributes body fluids.

  • Water encourages relaxation and freedom of movement leading to a healthy psycho-emotional mother to be.



Please note each 5 week cycle is not refundable and expires at the end of each cycle. You may however transfer any session to another Mother to be.

*A Medical pre-screening form will be provided and required to fill out.