Aquabalance™ Mind Body Program


There is now ever increasing studies on how a slow somatic based approach to movement, combined with body sense awareness, may have remarkable health benefits . Particularly for pain management and imbalances such as fatigue, anxiety, depression often resulting from long held associated trauma. 

Aquabalance™ is a unique somatic based aquatic program drawing from ancient and modern slow movement exercise practices.

The Aquabalance™ Mind Body Program provides each Trainer with a unique tool that can support Clients with self help tools for both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Aquawellbeing courses are dedicated to providing Quality and Evidence based education to maintaining the dignity and credibility of the aquatic movement or body work professional.


Every Candidate must complete the pre-requisite course, Aquabalance™ Mind Body Program Fundamentals, which introduces them to FLOW form.

Openly encouraged  for Physiotherapists, Exercise Physios, Occupational Therapists, Sports Coaches, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi Instructors, Qualified Body workers or Certificate iv level in Fitness.

The key five forms of Aquabalance™ MIND BODY PROGRAM include:


CHI:  incorporating principles from qi gong to the water to achieve a balanced state of both yin and yang concepts from nature, to realise our authentic essence.

CORE: modifying aquatic movement exercises to harmonize with Joseph Pilates principles, and encouraging a functional health stabilising physical and mental core.Principles include Centering, Concentration,Contrology, Breathing, precision and flowing movements.
DANCE: achieving balanced effortless flowing dance movements from a centre of strength and mindful focus.

UNION: adapting the principles, asanas and Pantanjali’s philosophy of Yoga to the aquatic environment.

FLOW : an orchestrated blend of all the five forms to arrive at a destination of achieving energy centric and internal physical perceived experience.Flow focuses on flowing effortless movement and identifying ways to differentiate between tension that robs us of energy and tension required for healthy stabilised movement patterns. 

*Each Aquabalance™ Fundamental course is required to be refreshed every 18 months from the initial date of completion if the Candidate decides to teach within the Community and sign the rights to instruct agreement.

*Each Host Centre keeps the marketing materials available for the public during the operation period, which are organised through at a reasonable fee.

*Each course takes 2-2.5 days face to face to complete and an additional 10-12 hours are recommended to allow for QC post assessments. 


Cancellation Policy:

  • Notice given in writing 16 days prior to course commencement = full refund available.

  • Notice given in writing 8 days prior to course commencement = 50% refund available.

  • Notice given in writing 3 days or less prior to course commencement = no refund available.*

*Candidate may apply in writing within 3 days prior to the course to either;

  • Transfer to another ABMP course within 6 months.

  • Or transfer this course to another candidate.